Online shopping tips and tricks. :)

Shop Smart

– Buy online for best prices and selection. Because stock space is limited at stores, you can often find items online that you won’t see when you visit a store in person. And many merchants offer special Internet pricing to encourage online shopping.  If an item is carried both in-store and online, you can see the product up close but you may find a lower price online.

Get the Best Prices

– Compare prices. Use the Internet to save money. Enter the product name as a search term and you’ll see a list of sites that sell it, including their prices.

Look for free shipping.  At Ai Online Shop, Free shipping for orders 1000 and above. 🙂

Shop Safely Online

– Know your retailer. Protect your money by buying only from reputable online retailers. Look for retailer reviews to see what other shoppers are saying about their buying experiences.And share your online shopping experiences to help others avoid mistakes.
– Look for product reviews. Before buying a product you’re not familiar with, search online for product reviews. Online shopping can be very convenient, but returning products you bought online can be a hassle.


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PHOTO CHALLENGE : What’s your Outfit of the Day? :)

PHOTO CHALLENGE : What’s your Outfit of the Day? :)

PHOTO CHALLENGE: What’s your Outfit Of The Day? Do you post your own Outfit of the Day (OOTD) photos on your social media accounts? Is the first part of your day spent carefully selecting outfits and sharing snapshots of your … Continue reading

Wardrobe Must Haves. ♥



You shouldn’t wear something just because it’s “in” right now. Always build a versatile and timeless wardrobe first, and then bring in your own twists with some of the new stuff.

We have seen that fashion-sense is ever changing; new styles hit the wardrobes every season. Unfortunately most of these items are only “in” for one season and after that they are left to dust in your closet.

It is important that you should invest in a few key pieces , Therefore here at Ai Online Shop, our Fashionable Items are not just “in” right now, you will stay in Fashion season after season, mix and match them with some more trendy items PLUS, our items are very affordable and will surely fit your budget.

Clothing’s must-haves


Stylish Tops is a must-have for every female. No matter what you do, simple but elegant tops go perfectly with almost everything. Its timeless ability to be worn throughout the seasons never lets it get out of fashion.

How to wear it?

Pairing it with jeans, shorts, skirts or leggings and flats is a great combination for running day errands.

Where can you find it?

Grab it at: www.


Leggings & Skirts are the most worn pieces and found a place in almost everyone’s wardrobe whatever the age and weight. A skirt is very feminine and can be flirty or businesslike.

How to wear it?

Skirts are flattering and works with all your wardrobe staples like a t-shirt and blazer for the weekend or Evening look: wear your leggings with a flowy blouse or a cami top and sparkly jewellery for a night-out.

Where can you find it?

Grab it at: www.


Jumpsuits are back in style! Unfortunately, many women think that the look of wearing a jumpsuit is difficult to pull off. Fortunately, jumpsuits have become so popular that there are dozens of different styles available, ensuring the perfect look for any woman with any body type.

How to wear it?

Choose a stretchy, comfortable jumpsuit and wear it to run errands and conduct your daily business. The best part of a jumpsuit is that it is an entire outfit, so just throw it on and you’re instantly trendy and fashionable.

Where can you find it?

Grab it at: www.


Maxi dresses are so gorgeous. Don’t you just love the way the hemline gently sways around the legs? Many women associate long dresses with dressy, formal occasions. However it’s all changing now – and it has become acceptable and stylish to wear a maxi dress without hurting your fashion skills/sense. A long dress is elegant, comfy and chic!

How to wear it?

Maxi Dresses for Petite:

–          If you’re petite (5’4″ or shorter) your main goal is to avoid looking like a tent. Choose a full-length dress that sits snugly to your body figure – especially around the hips and thighs. And not least, around your waist (or below the bust).

–          For some extra height, wear pumps, wedges or high heeled sandals.


Maxi Dresses for Plus Size Women:

–          Long dresses are the perfect match for your frame as it minimizes large hips and legs.

–          Many plus size women carry weight around the upper arms, concealing narrow shoulders. So to complement your upper body – opt for wider straps. Spaghetti straps on the other hand will only make your frame look bigger in comparison (unless the color of the dress is similar to your skin tone!).

–          If you have a thick waist, place a solid black or dark brown wide stretch belt around the thinnest part of your torso. This will give you a more balanced and lean body frame as well as bring out a waist.

–          Hiding your body in loose-fitted long dresses will only make you look boxy, so choose a dress that sits snugly to your body figure without clinging.

Where can you find it?

Grab it at: www.


Fashionable Dresses can turn any woman into a diva. A well chosen Dress is a good investment and can be part of your wardrobe for years to come.

How to wear it?

You can wear it during the day in office and carry till evening for your date or a party.

Day look: Wear it during the day with a jewel-toned cardigan and flats for a casual day like shopping. For a more corporate look wear a jacket over it with formal pumps.

Evening look: Accessorize it at night with a statement necklace, a clutch bag and strappy heels.

‘You can dress it up, you can dress it down. It’s really very easy and proper’, Adam Glassman (Creative Director of ‘O, The Oprah Magazine’)

Where can you find it?

Grab it at: www.

Why Asian Inspired Fashion Collection is Trending?

WHAT’S TRENDING? #AsianInspiredFashionCollection. Our Newest collection is a great option for any season of the year. They’re glamorous, luxurious, and inclined to present themselves in a range of fabrics from silk to mesh. They come in a wide variety of prints, colors, sizes, and styles for ladies.

DRESS (2)For those who are not looking for the same fashion clothing that they have worn in the past but are seeking a more polished look, our Asian Inspired clothing can be the PERFECT ACCESSORY to your collection.


In the Ever-shifting world of Fashion, it’s good to know somebody’s got your back with the LATEST and GREATEST of the fashion world’s new offerings.

Here at, WE make the effort to carefully select these stunning fashionable items to make your shopping more enjoyable and an easier experience in every way.


When looking for new fashion clothing for your collection, make sure that you do your research. There are many different Asian fashion clothing available that will offer you the style BUT not the quality you seek.

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“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel ♥


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Dress it Up or Dress it Down — What’s NOT to Love !

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We’re loving our latest dresses! Simple and Stylish. ♥

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