Online shopping tips and tricks. :)

Shop Smart

– Buy online for best prices and selection. Because stock space is limited at stores, you can often find items online that you won’t see when you visit a store in person. And many merchants offer special Internet pricing to encourage online shopping.  If an item is carried both in-store and online, you can see the product up close but you may find a lower price online.

Get the Best Prices

– Compare prices. Use the Internet to save money. Enter the product name as a search term and you’ll see a list of sites that sell it, including their prices.

Look for free shipping.  At Ai Online Shop, Free shipping for orders 1000 and above. 🙂

Shop Safely Online

– Know your retailer. Protect your money by buying only from reputable online retailers. Look for retailer reviews to see what other shoppers are saying about their buying experiences.And share your online shopping experiences to help others avoid mistakes.
– Look for product reviews. Before buying a product you’re not familiar with, search online for product reviews. Online shopping can be very convenient, but returning products you bought online can be a hassle.


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Mothers are the sweetest gift from GOD to us. :)

“The Miracle of Life nurtured by a woman who gave us love and sacrifice…MOTHER”

– Joel Barquez


Mothers are the sweetest gift from God to us. There is no way we can ever really thank our mother for all she does for us nevertheless we must make it a habit to keep reminding ourselves of the various sacrifices she made while raising us. Majority of them had to give up career and business opportunities, advanced schooling and more comfortable lives to be able to nurture us to what we are now. 

They say heaven lies at the feet of one’s mother. This saying is something that one truly believes once they become a mother themselves and realizes all the effort and hard work a mother has to put in to raise her children and bring them up.

Being a mother is definitely not an easy job and requires a lot of responsibility. Teaching her child how to walk, talk, crawl, sit and run is all done by ones mother. For all the love and effort she has put in for us, there is a day dedicated to this special person called Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a time when people remember their moms for having given birth and raised them at the cost of great sacrifices. This coming Mother’s Day, will be another chance for us to express our gratitude.

Filipinos celebrate Mother’s Day to show their love and affection to what is culturally considered the most important figure in the family. Reassuring moms that they are well appreciated need not cost anything.

Don’t know what to get Mom for Mother’s Day this year? Why not purchase at ? Send your Mother a Special gift through Ai Online Shop.

Responsibilities and jobs do not allow us to be present with our mother’s on Mother’s Day each year, but to show your love and gratitude to her you may send her gifts like Fashion Accessories/ Trendy Clothes that is surely affordable but not cheap. Let your presence be felt on such occasions through special gifts like these.

Take a look at our Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

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       In the Ever-shifting world of Fashion, it’s good to know somebody’s got your back with the LATEST and GREATEST of the fashion world’s new offerings.

Here at, WE make the effort to carefully select this stunning fashion items to make your shopping more enjoyable and an easier experience in every way.



Trends change all the time, and the dress you wore to last year’s big event may not be suitable for the cocktail party you’ve got coming up in a month’s time.

Luckily, with our NEW ARRIVALS, we make it easy for any woman to quickly look at the dress options she has available and choose a look that will suit both her budget and her busy social calendar.

If your calendar is a bit busier and you’re looking for clothes to match a number of occasions, where better to look than among the coolest and fresh designed new looks available for purchase?


Browsing our NEW ARRIVALS of FASHION ITEMS can introduce you to NEW trends and looks as you consider new pieces. You may not find that without realizing it, you’ve discovered a whole new outfit that will help you to look your best. Looking through NEW ARRIVAL with an open mind leaves you able to find all kinds of NEW AND UNIQUE styles to diversify your look.





Ai Online Shop for Online Shopping. :)


Why shopping online is so much better than shopping in-stores?

1.       Save on pricey gas and valuable time.

– No need to take the time to get ready, drive, park, and walk around to browse. Simply type in what you want and instantly find what you are looking for.

2.       Organizing your finances is easy.

– You won’t have to worry about misplacing receipts ever again when you shop online. Since everything is done electronically, all records of your transactions are emailed directly to your inbox. Your house will no longer be cluttered with piles of receipts. Plus, you’re helping out the environment by going paperless!

3.       Always find the best deals.

– Comparison shopping no longer means driving from store to store or flipping through many different ads. Comparing prices is literally just a click away. You can use search engines like Google or a specific comparison shopping website to easily find out which online shop have the lowest prices. Many times, stores will offer online exclusive sales, so it pays to shop online!

4.       No more waiting in line and pushing through crowds.

Malls and retail stores can be chaotic, especially during a big sale or a holiday season. Don’t stress yourself out, just shop from home! You’ll never have to stand in a long checkout line or weave your way through crowds just to get the items you want. Shop online and you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

5.       Find items you might not see in stores.

– Since brick and mortar stores are limited on space, merchants usually don’t carry all of the items they sell in store. Online, you can find their entire inventory, along with many choices of colors, styles, and even customization options.

Why choose AI ONLINE SHOP for online shopping?

Ai Online Shop is an online seller that offers the widest and up to date range fashion items at very reasonable prices.

Ai Online Shop not only offers high level of convenience but it also offers broader selection of products, competitive pricing, and greater access to information. Some of the products we offer are women’s clothing, men’s clothing, fashionable accessories, hair accessories, shoes and sandals, home decors, kid’s wear, undergarmentsbags, wallet, school supplies and toys.

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